Alternative Rock Band [26] spent 2010 touring the USA, Canada, Hong Kong and UK. Including performances at the Rockness Festival (UK), Musexpo (USA), International Design Week (CND), Music Matters (HK), Musexpo (UK) and Brick Lane Takeover (UK). Playing alongside The Strokes, Fatboy Slim, Friendly Fires, Blondie, Doves, Pendulum, Ian Brown, Soul Wax, Vampire Weekend and many more. Their albums mix a four piece band with 50 piece marching bands, 100 piece choirs, church organs, ochestral harps and electro blips and beeps to create emotionally honest, melancholic yet hopeful anthemic music.

[26]’s track ‘A New Beginning’ featured in the series finale of NBC’s TV series ‘Life’ which has aired 25 countries. Their track ‘Aloha’ debut on the ARIA Digital Charts at #8. [26]’s debut UK single ‘Aloha’ was also a feature single on Spotify in July 2011.

Tracks from ‘Births, Deaths & Marriages’ have been added to radio in USA, UK, EU & Australia. Including BBC6 Music (UK), Absolute Radio (UK), QRadio (UK) Juice FM (UK), KNRK (Portland OR), KSJO (San Jose CA), KTCL (Denver CO), KUPD (Phoenix AZ), WCNR (Charlottesville VA), WEND (Charlotte NC), WEQX (Albany NY), WQKL (Ann Arbor MI), WRIF (Detroit MI), WXPN (Philadelphia PA), Gotham Radio (NY) and indie1031.com (Worldwide), Triple J (Aus), FBi Radio (Aus), ABC Radio (Aus).

In August 2011 [26] returned for extensive national UK tour, including performances at the ‘Y-Not Festival’ and ‘Edinburgh Festival’, in support of the UK release of the ‘Aloha’ single and their second album ‘Births, Deaths & Marriages’. The ‘Aloha’ single received airplay on BBC 6Music, Q Radio, Absolute and BFBS Radio. ‘Births, Deaths & Marriages’ was made ‘Album of the Week’ on BFBS Radio. [26] also lived through the UK riots. ;)

The Outside is first single from [26]’s third album Sunshine Salvation. Sunshine Salvation was released on 26th October 2012 touring to follow in 2013.



[26] were featured in MacWorld magazine. The article talking about [26]’s use of Apple’s ‘Logic Pro’ in there studio as well as running their entire live show including, keyboard sounds, guitar sounds, visuals & lighting.



[26]’s track ‘Bring on the Colour Guard’ took out the QSong 2009 ‘Rock Song of the Year’ and was also nominated for the overall ‘Song of the Year’.



[26] BELIEVE that it’s more important to be uncool and honest than it is to be cool.

[26] BELIEVE in Albums…. a body of work….. 45 mins of brilliant songs working together to make an entire story.

[26] BELIEVE that songs should be about something more than cars, girls or dancing.

[26] BELIEVE that a song can change the world.

[26] BELIEVE in great performances (no Auto-Tune).

[26] BELIEVE art is more important than money.

[26] BELIEVE style is more important than fashion.

[26] BELIEVE longevity is more important than a “hit” song.

[26] BELIEVE some people love our music and some people don’t.

[26] BELIEVE that the person that listens to the music and buys the concert tickets are just as important as the person that writes and plays the music.



[26] LOVE all the amazing artists that have changed our lives.

[26] LOVE when you listen to your favourite records and one track ends you know what the next song is before it starts.

[26] LOVE the amazing feeling of unity a crowd of people can have at a show.

[26] LOVE writing, recording, producing, mixing & performing  music.

[26] LOVE coffee.


“Births Deaths & Marriages is absolutely stunning… I don’t know if I could live without this song in my life.”
Mary-Lou Stephens – ABC Radio

“Births Deaths & Marriages – had me from the first listen!” 
Guy Lloyd – Juice FM Radio, Brighton – XYZ Magazine