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Around about two years ago we started filming all the parts needed for the ‘A New Beginning’ film clip as it was the second single for our second album ‘Births, Deaths & Marriages’. We were working with some amazingly talented film makers led by Director Eric So. We shot all of the band footage and the “main character” footage (Played by the very talented Dale James) all in front of a green screen….sorted.

Unfortunately for us (very much fortunately for Eric) our director and main man with the vision landed some really big ‘Visual Effects’ work on movies like Happy Feet TwoMission: Impossible – Ghost ProtocolPrometheusThe Great Gatsby…. so [26] waited patiently……and then…..we were presented with this masterpiece!

A huge thankyou to Eric So, Brandon Lee, Forde Lamberth, Mitch Pierias, Roger Wolf Oyen, James Base, James Fitchett and of course Dale James.

As a side note we are always being asked by lovely people all over the interwebs for the official lyrics for ‘A New Beginning’ so I thought I should post them here with the video for prosperity.

Nick [26]


You can fight all you like
You’ll not bring me in
Control as you might
You’re not getting a thing

I’d like to say I’m sorry
I’d like to say I’m wrong
I wish I could control myself
And feel like I belong

Take flight satellite
And drift into space
We’re all on a flight
We’re all a little insane

I’d love to say I’m sorry
I’d love to say I’m wrong
I wish I could control myself
And feel like I belong


Light fell i wished upon the stars
that filled the sky
But they were only satellites

I’d love to say I’m sorry
I’d love to say I’m wrong
I wish I could control myself
And feel like I belong


Three words: Emotional, Roller and Coaster! Sunshine Salvation is now ‘officially launched’ and available for pre-order on iTunes.

Last Sunday, we officially launched (and played for the first time) Sunshine Salvation to a very happy crowed at The Black Bear Lodge in Brisbane. There were a few nerves before the show, and some anxious peering at the door to see if people would come, but thankfully people arrived, we played well, and everyone left happy (and with an early copy of album).

Family members, friends, some randoms from the street and our guest artists Rose Carrousel and Seals, all helped us celebrate something we are very proud of. It’s out in the world now, and there is nothing we can do but hold our breath and see what happens. We hope you all enjoy it as much as we do.

You can pre-order Sunshine Salvation here. It will be released on the 26th of October.

Take care, all.

As you know [26] are launching our third album ‘Sunshine Salvation’ with a one-off show in our home town Brisbane, Australia. This will be an intimate pre-release show to celebrate the album and give it a live run from start to finish and we might throw in a couple of oldies if you’re lucky ;)

It is our first hometown show in two years since we’ve been busy touring around the world with our second record ‘Births, Deaths & Marriages’. So to all of the friends, family and lovers of [26] that have asked us “When are you playing in Brisbane again?”….now is your chance…. you may not get another for a while!

‘Sunshine Salvation’ will be officially released through iTunes on 26th October 2012 but we wanted to make it available with pre-sale launch tickets so for those of you attending the show here is your free download of the album so you have a chance to familiarise yourselves with the new songs.
We hope to see many old and new faces in Brisbane this Sunday 14th October to come along and celebrate with us. We all looking forward to seeing you beautiful people at the Black Bear Lodge in the Valley from 7:00pm – download your ticket and album download at the link below so you don’t have to muck around on the night.
**Pre-sale tickets are now closed… you can purchase tickets at the door**

Well, it’s the 26th of September today, so by band-law, we have to do something. The Outside extended iTunes single is now available. It contains The Outside single, the B-side We Will Survive and a remix of The Outside by SAINT HUGHS. [26] love B-Sides. It’s always interesting to see what didn’t make the final cut. More often than not, they’re some of our favourite material. As a result, you can expect to see many B-sides coming from [26] with this album, and all that follow. But we thought we’d delve a little deeper, and give a little bit more info on the B-Sides themselves – the unsung heroes.

We Will Survive

We Will Survive was actually one of the earlier tracks created for Sunshine Salvation. It wasn’t even called Sun Sal yet. It was simply Album 3. It was written at the time of the Iranian protests in 2009. It was the first real time that social media played a role in civil change. I was personally a bit inspired to see the younger generation trying to make a change through modern means. Who’d of thought that the “micro blogging website that tells people what you are having for lunch” would be used like it was/is? So this song is a bit of a nod to those guys that got out on the streets, used their brains and the systems available to them, and aimed to make some change. It was the start of a social juggernaut that still continues to this day. In terms of its creation, it was born from the crunchy, electric drum loop that it starts with (00:20 for those playing at home) and the sinister bass line that rolls the whole way through. Everything just grew around that. It was also the first time we crunched up Iain’s drums. Everything before that was just natural recording and reverb. It didn’t make the Sun Sal cut, purely because the album was organically growing with a particular group of songs, and WWS wasn’t fitting naturally. So we put it to the side, and earmarked it for a later release. We enjoyed it too much to leave it on the cutting room floor.

As for the Remix, well, we love a bit of electro, and the song just lends itself to be chopped and mashed. It was a no-brainer. So there you have it. Our first single and B-sides for Sunshine Salvation – now available on iTunes. Hope you enjoy them!

Take care all D (and the [26] boys)

P.S. I’ll make someone else write the next blog. You are probably getting sick of me by now.

It’s alive! ALIIIVVVEEE!

We’ve had our first run through of Sunshine Salvation LIVE. We’d played a couple of the tracks on tour already, but they were the obvious live bangers and rock anthems. This was the first time we were able to look at the quieter and crazier material. I don’t think I am alone in thinking it all turned out pretty well.

It’s fair to say the first play through of each song was, ummm, how do I put this politely… let’s go with ‘Below standard‘. I personally had to get my keyboard chops back up to scratch (too much programming and not enough playing recently), but by the 2nd and 3rd run through, we were all back in form and everything was starting to work like it says on the box.

The album launch will be Sunshine Salvation from start to finish. We took a lot of care in picking the track listing and the running order of the album, so that it made sense as a whole and as an experience. That’s what we want from our albums. Having now played it live, I think we made the right choices. The set flows beautifully (if I do say so myself) with appropriate moments of light and shade, energy and tension, sadness and joy.

For those lucky enough to live in Brisbane, you can find all the launch details on facebook or on the column to the right of this post.

We can’t wait for you all to hear it, both live, and on your MP3 player of choice (let’s face it, it’s probably got an ‘i’ in front of it)

Take care, all
D (and the other boys)